Dominic Pacifico Reveals 1st Scene From'Sands of Time'

Pictured above, Taylor Reign in Dominic Pacifico’s Sands of Time.

CYBERSPACE—Dominic Pacifico today debuted an ambitious production shot on location. Starring Taylor Reign, Casey Everett, Julian Grey and Zario Travezz, Sands of Time can be found on, with the first scene dropping today. Directed by Pacifico himself, the action is set in a white sand desert that both evokes Pacifico’s childhood and also gives a dramatic, stylized look to the production.

According to the movie description, “The story starts in the year 2049, when the earth is scorched by the sun and the land bleached with chemicals. There are only a few people left scavenging the land. The souls that remain are young homosexual men, who were lost with sexual urge and confusion. This small band of beautiful men became a tribe family, with their leader Julian Grey forcing them to work in exchange for food, shelter and sexual intimacy. A young wanter is found dying of dehydration and is taking back to the camp, and the Epic Journey begins as the lost boys make their way into the Sands of Time.”


Pictured above, Casey Everett in Dominic Pacifico’s Sands of Time.

According to Pacifico, the story is an apocalyptic love story augmented by stellar outfits, pristine backdrops and scorching hot bareback interracial sex.

“I’m so proud to put out another adult film with an epic story line,” Pacifico said. “I grew up 15 minutes from this beautiful desert and dreamed up this story many years ago, It was a journey to get there and make this post-apocalyptic story a reality. I’m so proud of the men and their hard work in the hot desert sun.

Pacifico added, “Aside from the cinematic story line, please enjoy the hot sweaty sex that takes us all the way to 2049. Taylor Reign worked extremely hard with me side by side. He even designed the wardrobe in detail to fit each cast member. I love every part of this story and enjoyed the interracial pairing of beautiful men of all kinds.”

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