CockyBoys Debuts Erotic Documentary ‘(Lock) Down But Not Out’

NEW YORK—CockyBoys has released episode one of erotic limited documentary series (Lock) Down But Not Out, starring Tayte Hanson and Lucas Champagne. It is playing now on The documentary explores and showcases how some CockyBoys stars are dealing with and experiencing the lockdown, how they are managing it and overcoming their upsets while finding ways to reconnect to their sexual-self and preparing for the future that is ahead. “We are all living through a shared collective experience, yet everyone’s experience is not equal in terms of effect and shared sacrifice,” said Jake Jaxson, CockyBoys CEO and director. “There are so many days I wrestle and question myself, my purpose, my future as I try and find a mental balance that keeps me focused and grateful. “These shared sacrifices have hit us all and in ways that we never imagined—not being able to see loved ones, work as we did before, socializing with friends, economic uncertainty, along with the compounding worry about what will life look like when this is all over,” he continued. “But through it all, and in visiting with our performers, friends and fans, I have found that so many have found ways to grow and thrive and to find new and dynamic ways to express themselves, reconnect with others, and more so,  finding new ways to reconnect with themselves—as we now have more time and need for self reflection more than ever.” Jaxson explained that (Lock) Down But Not Out shows that sexual health should not to be ignored as nothing makes one feel more alive, empowered and in control than the act of a consensual sexual experience—and for many that act will be self-love—and it is a key to helping find a mental and physical balance, especially now that we actually have the time to do it.  Future episodes feature Ben Masters experiencing lockdown with his BF Ryan, Avery Jones home alone, and friends Brock Banks and Austin Avery. For more information, visit

written by: Allen Smithberg

source: CockyBoys Debuts Erotic Documentary ‘(Lock) Down But Not Out’ | AVN

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