Adult Time Goes All In For Trans Inclusivity With New Initiative

Adult Time Goes All In For Trans Inclusivity With New Initiative

MONTREAL, QC—It may not yet be an automatic entry on most people’s online calendars, but today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility—and Adult Time has announced that the streaming giant will pay tribute to that fact by launching a company-wide initiative to officially dismantle all transphobic terminologies and connotations from its platform—much of which will be accomplished by end of day today.

Adult Time’s Trans Inclusivity” initiative is part of a larger effort by Gamma Entertainment to remove all outdated and derogatory language across its entire portfolio, which includes revising and renaming archived titles, movie posters, and scene descriptions. The company also pledges to champion this shift throughout its entire organization, with various initiatives planned for Gamma’s employees.

“Adult Time is committed to offering ethical content which represents the rich diversity of human sexuality and gender identity,” said the company’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills. “Our vision is to be inclusive to all the performers we work with and that starts by offering a safe space within our platform and the vocabulary we promote. We hope our influence, alongside other adult companies, will support the larger shift in our social climate.”

Over the last few years, there have been many political and ethical advancements, including increased visibility for trans rights and a wider acceptance of different genders and sexuality. This inspired Adult Time to launch its first original trans series last year, Transfixed, aimed at showcasing trans and cis women having lesbian sex and using only modern and inclusive terms.

Devil’s Film, another Adult Time brand and a pioneer of the trans genre for more than 15 years, have continued to use outdated terms to appease traditional browsing habits but recognize that the shift in social acceptance now requires a shift in terminology. The studio’s flagship trans brand Tranny Pros will be among the first to make the change, with an official rebranding as Devil’s TGirls (

Longtime Gamma partner and 2020 winner of Trans Studio of the Year Evil Angel remains one of the most high profile adult studios shooting trans content and championing the inclusivity of trans performers. Eager to support the shift officially, it will work with Gamma over the coming months to apply the same standard across its websites.

Zero Tolerance, which recently partnered with Gamma to launch trans flagship site Gender X, has already applied modern terminology to the website but will also work proactively to update any outdated terminology across its archives. 

In addition to the two studios above, all Gamma Entertainment partners will be moving forward with this new initiative within the next several months.

“While adult websites will always have explicit and colorful vocabulary, we want to make sure that any problematic language that outright supports the stigmatization of minority groups will no longer be something we allow on our properties,” declared Mills.