Ivan Is Back With ‘Ink Motel 2’ and His First Tattoo

Ivan Is Back With 'Ink Motel 2' and His First Tattoo

LOS ANGELES—Director Ivan gets back behind the camera for the second installment of his alt porn series Ink Motel, in which he braves getting his first tattoo. The movie, from the Alt Erotic imprint, is set for release in early September.

The tattoo, which Ivan receives in the opening scene of Ink Motel 2, features the paw of his deceased cat who passed away earlier in the year, just a day before the director’s birthday.

“This year has been a journey on so many levels, but if you can’t look at the positives you do have, then there is no light at the end of the tunnel,” Ivan said. “For me, I have been collaborating with Evilyn Ink this year. She trusts me in helping her brand, plus she is a very talented tattoo artist. It only made sense to honor my lost little friend with a tattoo and definitely by Evilyn! I wanted her to have an Alt Marilyn Monroe look so bad. And I think we pulled it off!”

The movie introduces the character of Ivan Dragon, a shady Russian pornographer who is working on his masterpiece with his cronies Duke Daybreak (who tattoos and fucks the girls) and Sascha Ink. The tattooing scene also introduces Ink as the new tattoo artist and sexual deviant to this family of degenerates.

“It’s been a pleasure growing my brand with the help of the Alt Erotic team. I could not ask for more! I get to tattoo and fuck! What could be better?” quipped Ink. “Plus I am extremely flattered that Ivan has been around talented tattoo artists for years but let me break his tattoo cherry!”

Sascha Ink, Alt Erotic’s owner, said he was pleased to have a dedicated group making original and never-before-seen type of content.

“I am pretty excited to see what we do on a daily basis! We shoot content that no one in our industry does or even attempts,” he commented. “The ideas Ivan brings to the table makes it easier for me to just let him flow. And now with tattoo artists who do scenes like Josh (Duke Daybreak) and Evilyn Ink, we have an untouchable team.”

For more information, visit www.AltErotic.com. To see SFW content and behind-the-scenes footage, visit the studio’s YouTube channel www.TattooAddiction.com.


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