Cassie Del Isla & Dorian Del Isla Co-Direct ‘Ibiza’

Cassie Del Isla & Dorian Del Isla Co-Direct 'Ibiza'

LOS ANGELES—Cassie Del Isla and Dorian Del Isla reveal there was one condition they agreed to with Jacquie et Michel for their first movie as directors.

The French porn couple had to be themselves.

“The company trusted us to direct this movie,” Cassie tells AVN. “To make a movie with Dorian with only one order: ‘Make it like you want. Make it like you are. Make it sexy and fun.’”

Mission accomplished.

The movie Ibiza, shot on location in the island paradise where the Del Isla’s call home, is part reality TV, part porno, taking viewers behind the scenes of how Cassie and Dorian work hard—and play harder.

The couple not only co-directed the movie, they also performed in it, hiring popular fellow performers Alexis Crystal and Lucy Heart to co-star along with James Klein and Vlad Castle in a romp that goes from the club, to the beach, to the villa with other stops in between. 

“This movie was incredible to make and amazing to watch. I am proud to feel myself really horny when I watch the scenes,” Cassie says.

Dorian agrees.

“The production was exciting—making a movie as a report on our life there and inviting people into our house for three funny and sexy days,” Dorian tells AVN. “It was like a reality show—original and super hot!”

Dorian continues, “It was an amazing experience… We co-directed some gonzo scenes in Australia for the same company and performed, too. We can’t think about directing a group sex scene and not be a part of it.”

It’s only fitting that Cassie and Dorian made their directing debut for Jacquie et Michel because that is the same studio for which they made their performing debut in 2016.

Cassie, who was born on Ile de la Reunion, a small island east of Madagascar that is a department of France, met her husband Dorian in 2013 at The Private strip club, an establishment that he owned before adult. They married in 2015.

Dorian is a former paratrooper in the French Army who is a childhood friend of veteran performer/director Tristan Seagal; the future porn star/producers grew up Bordeaux.

Dorian says he and Cassie overcame some minor difficulty with the production of Ibiza, but “nothing hard, thank god!”

“Only the first day there was a thunderstorm and rain fell on the island,” he says. “But after that the hot sun and the blue sky came fast and we start to play!”

Cassie says the production on occasion was “stressful,” but the atmosphere on the island kept everyone in a good mood in spite of some of the challenges that arose.

“Ibiza vibes make people calm down,” she says. “It was in a place we like, with people we like, under the sun, filming on the beach—a dream for a production.”



Dorian and Cassie preferred their first solo project to have the look and feel of a reality show as their camera crew used handheld devices to follow them.

“We thought about situations and ambiance only,” Dorian says.

Cassie adds, “It was more like a report on Dorian and me, who invited guests to our house in Ibiza. So we thought about the situation, like how we could raise the temperature and how to make the house easy to fuck! The house is really OK to have group sex and the champagne is more than welcome for the ambiance at home.”

Dorian and Cassie say they purposely didn’t plan the sex scenes too much—but they had an idea of who was going to perform with who on any given day.

“We chose to make a party the first night to feel everybody!” Dorian says. “But the contact for girls was clear. They knew our style. We asked them to be prepared every day for group sex and anal. It was half-planned—like ideas—and sometimes we changed at the last moment to please the performers.

“We had the luxury of shooting a film as we wanted, so we had fun!”

Cassie says being flexible was key—they welcomed input from their cast on how things should go.

“We had ideas but with the party everything can change because everybody talk and say what they like,” she continues. “Our goal was to have fun and film it, so we did it.  The scenes were half spontaneous yes, but we were flexible also on the ‘call time.’”



They hand-picked the cast of Alexis Crystal and Lucy Heart to join Cassie.

“Because they are beautiful. They love sex and they are really party people with good moon everyday,” Dorian says. “So the three girls had the same vibes of party, sex and sun! It was really like a private weekend at home with sex friends.”

He adds, “For the boys, we choose two French guys—James Klein and Vlad Castle. They are two guys I met before and who are really calm, nice and good-looking—the perfect combo was in the villa!”

The pair shot the movie last August and Jacquie et Michel decided to make it the “summer 2020 sex movie.”

Dorian says he and Cassie have been living in Paris since the lockdown ended. Recently, he shot three features and some gonzo scenes for Jacquie et Michel.

Then a new, yet-to-be-launched French production company called Dorian to shoot the first scene for their future website with Cassie—a double-penetration performance. 

“The scene was really great in an amazing place with a view of the Eiffel Tower, so they asked me to be in each scene they will make for this future website as long as i am in France,” Dorian says. “I am very excited and honored to be a part of this new project.

“It’s an exquisite mix between sets, actresses and costumes that showcase French elegance, and scenes of hardcore sex mixing only anal and double penetration—or even double anal. They are only shooting incredibly intense group scenes filmed by French mainstream cinema professionals.”



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