Shesleah to Plead Not Guilty to All Criminal Charges, Lawyer Says

PENSACOLA, Fla.—The wheels of justice are moving forward for Shesleah, the Florida clips and cam performer who was charged earlier this year on numerous criminal counts after an anonymous tip of what she does on camera led to her arrest. Shesleah, 27, is docketed to offer her plea to the court on nine felony counts — lewd and lascivious behavior, possession of child pornography, aggravated assault and resisting arrest, as well as human trafficking — on Wednesday, Aug. 12. Depending on the plea, a jury trial could begin as early as Monday, Aug. 24. Her attorney, Thomas McGuire, told AVN today that for Shesleah next month, “all pleas will be not guilty.” Earlier this year, a tipster called the Florida Abuse Hotline to anonymously report that Shesleah masturbated in public areas. That tip led to a full-blown investigation in March by local authorities after a judge signed off on a search warrant. Shesleah, during the search, told authorities that “she is an actress who does taboo videos in a pornographic manner.” Shesleah, at the time, “stated in order to fulfill the taboo fantasy, the voices of her children are pre-recorded and that she only plays them during the filming her videos without them present,” according to an arrest record.  After searching her home and seizing computers, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office charged her with two counts of child pornography and four counts of lewd behavior with a victim under 16. Sheriff’s Det. Jeremy Horn said the agency uncovered videos of the adult performer, along with children heard in the videos. At a bond hearing for Shesleah in May, Horn testified that his investigative team did a thorough search of her computers to collect names and payment information. “During the forensic examination of a laptop, we were able to extract all of the Skype messages that were saved onto the computer,” Horn said in court transcripts obtained by AVN. “Going through the Skype messages between 2018 up until March of 2020 it was evident that she was using her children to sexually exploit them and then financially benefit from the sexual exploitation of the children.” Horn in his testimony offered his own speculative analysis at the bond hearing to build his case against Shesleah. “It seemed that she was doing a few different services with multiple different clients involving the children,” Horn testified. “She would have different rates for the service that she provided, such as dirty talk involving the children, an hourly rate for live Skype calls with the children either being in the frame or out.” Horn in his testimony said that he used search warrants on Shesleah’s Google Wallet payment account to corroborate payment for some of the platforms she used for her work. Horn said that Shesleah charged between $150-$200 for Skype sessions. Shesleah, currently out on bond, has asked the court for her to allow out-of-state travel. The court earlier issued a “no contact” order relative to her children until a family judge can determine conditions. Just last week, McGuire asked the court for her to temporarily live with her father in Kentucky. McGuire told the court that Shesleah “has received many threatening messages and has had to move from her home due to these threats of violence” because the case has received much publicity in the region. Shesleah “is being vilified on social media and the gossip press,” McGuire said in a motion that would allow her to travel while keeping her GPS monitor working. Photo courtesy of Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

written by: Rhett Pardon

source: Shesleah to Plead Not Guilty to All Criminal Charges, Lawyer Says | AVN

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