Samsung Said To Kick Sex Toy Maker Out Of Women’s Tech Conference

Just three months after the Consumer Electronic Show rescinded a technological innovation award to creator of a high-tech women’s sex toy, then reinstated the award after much pressure in the media, as reported, another technology conference has reportedly booted out another women-run sex toy maker.

Liz Klinger (pictured above), co-founder of Lioness, maker of a “smart” rabbit-style vibrator. took to her Twitter account late on Thursday to reveal that technology giant Samsung kicked her company out of its “Growth & Innovation in the Wearables Device Market” conference, which was co-sponsored with the group SF Women in Tech.

“I am at the @Samsung event with #womenintechSF for @LionessHealth and was just asked to take down my table,” Klinger wrote on her Twitter account

“Was approved beforehand, one person was not ok with it because it’s women’s sexual health.

“This is not ok.”

Klinger’s company makes the Lioness vibrator, which operates like a normal rabbit vibrator, but at the same time takes data readings allowing the user to analyze her orgasm with an eye toward learning what works, or doesn’t, for her—and also creates an artistic visual representation of each orgasm.

After she had been invited to operate a booth to exhibit the product a the women’s tech conference, Klinger told the site The Next Web, “It sounded like at least one person at Samsung, who was higher up at the event, was not ok with my stall.”

Klinger said she spent about four hours attempting to determine who ordered her booth removed and why, before a Samsung representative told her, “You don’t even belong here, it’s not a wearable and not women’s health,” she reported via Twitter

“I told them about our biofeedback and data aspect and how we’re covering different research and presenting at healthcare and research conferences, “ Klinger told TNW, only to be informed by the Samsung rep that her product was not “wearable.”

The latest apparent ban on a sex toy made by and for women comes at the same time that several women-run sex toy makers have been battling the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority for the right to advertise in the subway system, and even picketing a Facebook corporate office, as reported, to have a ban on their advertising lifted on the social media giant.

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