Netlook Issues Statement on Accusations in CzechCasting Case

PRAGUE—Netlook, the parent company of Czech Republic-based adult website, issued a statement Wednesday regarding the arrests of and charges against Netlook owner Martin Stiborek and several others the week of July 13 in connection with the site. The charges include human trafficking, sexual coercion and rape. The statement from Netlook follows: During the production and distribution of erotic material, no one from NETLOOK or cooperating persons has committed any illegal actions. The process of creating erotic photos and videos works the same way in all countries of the world. The actresses were duly informed in advance about the nature of the material, its distribution and a written contract was concluded and signed with them, stating that the artistic performance consists mainly of sexual, erotic or pornographic acts. It was a legal business relationship between an adult actress and NETLOOK. Each actress received an agreed financial reward for taking photos and filming. Most of the actresses were interested in shooting more materials and participating in other erotic projects. Everything took place in a professional studio. First, an interview with the actresses was recorded, where they were interviewed in detail. This was followed by a photo shoot and then a possible video shoot. During the photo shoot and filming, the actresses had their personal belongings at their disposal, including mobile phones. The actress could call anyone at any time, tell anyone from the production her disagreement, or end the photo shoot or filming immediately. In the same way, each of the actresses could leave the filming at any time freely and completely voluntarily. That also happened. Many actresses stopped production already in the shooting phase, which can be demonstrated from the video recordings available to the police. None of the few actresses who now claim to have been under duress have disagreed. This can again be demonstrated through the video recordings. NETLOOK production is fully professional, complying with all applicable laws and complying with all international standards for the production of erotic material. In addition, castings are only a small part of NETLOOK’s production, which also has a number of other projects not only in the field of erotica, but also, for example, in IT. As part of the Czech casting project, almost 2,000 videos were shot without any problem, so it makes no sense to jeopardize the entire work of NETLOOK and the company’s name internationally by forcing a few actresses to participate in the production involuntarily. It should also be emphasized that the demand for the position of actresses was high and the interest significantly exceeded the production capacity. NETLOOK believes that the real motivation for several actresses to accuse NETLOOK of alleged coercion is the subsequent justification for their own decision to take pictures or film erotic or pornographic materials, under pressure from those around them. All the actresses are adults and had enough time and information before the photo shoot. The actress’ allegations of alleged pressure came only over time, most often after the publication of erotic material and reactions from their surroundings, which the women in question could not bear. For these reasons, several actresses have approached the police in the past, who have repeatedly inspected the process of producing erotic material, but nothing illegal has ever been found. In one such case, the case ended up in court, where in the first instance there was a final immunity from criminal liability in full, because the court did not find anything illegal about the method of the production of erotic material. The accused people disagree with the accusation and lodged a complaint against the resolution to initiate criminal proceedings, however, we fully cooperate with the investigators and voluntarily issued all requested materials and documents and subjected to all restrictions.

written by: Peter Warren

source: Netlook Issues Statement on Accusations in CzechCasting Case | AVN