Krissy Lynn Launches GoFundMe for Stem Cell Therapy

LOS ANGELES—When Krissy Lynn first arrived in the adult industry in 2008, the blond beauty made a big impact with her girl-next-door looks, infectious energy and whimsical charm. “I remember clearly being told by someone that I would only last six months because that’s the average that girls last in the adult industry,” she recalled. “And here I am twelve years later and I’m thankful that I have lots of fans who have been so supportive.” Still sporting her trademark smile and playful attitude, the now brunette performer is facing a new challenge below her warm exterior—a condition that is slowly deteriorating her ability to move unless she gets expensive stem cell treatment at a hospital. Although she moves a bit slower than just a few months ago, she is not letting her constant pain get the best of her. She has launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund the treatment she needs. “The doctors told me it would cost $30,000 to get the stem cell treatment so that’s my goal on GoFundMe,” she said. “The fans have been great and so supportive that I’m really optimistic that I can reach this goal and get the treatment done.” So far, the campaign has raised $7,000 from 96 donors, but she needs to raise $23,000 to meet her fund-raising goal. Those wishing to donate may click here or visit It was just last December when Lynn underwent needed surgery and was given the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin as a precaution, but by the next day she realized the antibiotic was making her even more sick. “I had these awful heart palpitations and was short of breath,” she recalled. “It was scary, but I had just had surgery so I thought I should just keep taking it.” But after a few more days, she was rushed to the hospital where an electrocardiogram showed her heart was being impacted by the drug and was quickly taken off of it. But the damage continued as she began experiencing pain to her joints and hair loss over the next several weeks. “That was in December and this drug gave me anemia and I was feeling extremely weak and until I got my energy back up I couldn’t work with my hair loss and my joints hurting,” she said. “If I did a sex scene, couldn’t move well so I decided not to work until I got better, but it got worse.” In February, she began experiencing back pain and worsened joint pain and discovered the discs in her spine had gone out of alignment and began threatening her ability to walk. So, after learning about stem cell therapy from her fans online, her doctors suggested she should undergo treatment in Colombia where the firm BioXcellerator had been pioneering stem cell therapy for years. Among its clients were famed MMA champion fighter Chuck Liddell, former major leaguer Jose Canseco and others. The way stem cells work is that after they are harvested from the umbilical cord of pregnant women, they are then processed and are combined with other natural growth and healing factors and then injected where they are needed to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased tissue. Over time, the repaired and regenerated tissues give the patient needed relief from pain, resulting in improved mobility and function. Even as she continues her fund-raising effort, Lynn is thankful to those who have donated and given her encouragement as she battles her condition. “It’s people like us that use compassion that make the world go around and no matter what we see in the news and people fighting with each other on this planet there are those that use love to help each other,” she said. “But I know it’s hard for me to ask for help, but I feel I have no other choice and I want to thank all of you for helping out.” Herself a Tera Mai energy healer and a painter and artist in her own right, Lynn is using her talents to get through this new challenge by working on healing herself and creating new works of art for her fans and supporters. “I love to paint and create art that means something,” she said. “My art is a little esoteric, but I like things like that.” To view her art, visit her newly-created art page on Instagram here. Meanwhile, Lynn hopes to return to shooting on set and continue to create content via OnlyFans, ManyVids and Clips4Sale. As for the future, she has big plans to make a long time dream come true: “My dream is to have my own tropical fruit forest and hold retreats for people, including the homeless and the elderly. But for now, I’m planning to get a new kitty cat to help keep me company while I heal.” For more, information, visit Lynn on Twitter @krissylynnxxx and Instagram @KrissyLynnLoveOfficial.      

written by: Carlos Martinez

source: Krissy Lynn Launches GoFundMe for Stem Cell Therapy | AVN