Ginger Banks Accuses Stagliano of Sexual Assault in Police Report

LOS ANGELES—Adult performer Ginger Banks alleges she was sexually assaulted by John Stagliano during her girl/girl scene with Jenny Blighe that he directed for the 2018 production, Cam Girls: The Movie, confirming she filed a police report in late May against the Hall of Fame director/owner for what she said was unwanted, non-consensual touching at the beginning of the performance. “It’s 100 percent considered sexual battery,” Banks told AVN. “I signed up for a girl/girl scene. The second he starts touching my tits and my ass—I don’t care how many times he’s done this before—it’s wrong. … I went to the police and filed a report in West Hollywood; I’m meeting with the detectives. As soon as one of my friends outside the industry told me, ‘This is not OK,’ it made me realize that it isn’t. It made me feel empowered that you should get justice and things are going to change.” Stagliano, also known as “Buttman,” the on-camera persona he became known for in the late ’80s, told AVN, “I was assured by [Evil Chris], the director of the [documentary] part of the movie, that both girls were told they could stop a scene at any time if there was a problem. Also I checked to make sure the girls had watched the scene they were told to watch of me directing Kissa Sins and Katrina Jade in a girl/girl scene. “The scene is available for anyone who cares to judge for themselves.”   Evil Chris had no comment at post time. Following her police report filing, Banks said she spoke with detectives on June 17. After they complete their interview with Stagliano, Banks said, they will be submitting their report to the L.A. County District Attorney and it will be her decision whether charges are filed. In a video posted on her Twitter page on June 7, Banks said she was proud of the adult industry for “standing up for itself” earlier this month and pointed to “taking accountability for enabling these abusers.” Banks admitted to AVN she was “really confused about what happened” on the set of Cam Girls, adding that “a lot of people had really normalized what had happened.” “I was told, ‘Don’t make such a big deal about it. You should be really grateful that you got this feature for Evil Angel.’ But I started to see a lack of accountability for John Stagliano and lack of desire to want to change—even if this was a huge miscommunication,” Banks said. “None of that was discussed beforehand. We were professionals making it look like we were enjoying what we were doing. But after it happened my goal was to make sure it wasn’t going to happen again.” Banks said the reason she didn’t speak out in 2018 was because “I didn’t want any more public backlash to come towards me.” “I didn’t want to open myself up to be attacked anymore, even though deep down I knew the truth,” Banks said. “I was in denial. I was being gaslit into believing this stuff was normal.”

written by: Dan Miller

source: Ginger Banks Accuses Stagliano of Sexual Assault in Police Report | AVN