FSC: Industry Heads Co-Sign 3-Point Pledge on Resuming Production

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Wednesday night released a joint letter signed by a number of leading adult producers and executives pledging not to resume regular production until a three-point set of mandates have come into effect. Titled “A Letter From Adult Film Producers and Buyers,” the pact was signed by director Axel Braun, MindGeek product director Ryan Hogan, Kink.com CEO Alison Boden, Vixen Media Group owner Steve Matthyssen, and Adult Time chief creative officer Bree Mills and content director Patrick Alonso, among others, with a call for more to add their names and companies to the list of signatories. The full letter follows: To the Adult Entertainment Community, We are deeply concerned for the health and safety of every member of the adult entertainment community. The inability to produce has caused financial hardship throughout the industry, and we are as eager to return to work as you are. However, to protect you, our community, and our industry, we, the undersigned, have agreed not to resume production until the following conditions are met: • Film production is legally permitted under the phased reopening guidelines in the local and national jurisdictions where the production will occur.• Free Speech Coalition (FSC) publishes Production Health & Safety Guidelines for sets during COVID. These guidelines will cover on-set safety protocols for a variety of production scenarios, as well as guidelines for health screenings and testing.• My company and any companies that produce content for it have adopted an industry-standard set of safety protocols. Only when these three elements are in place, and we are confident we have effectively minimized risk for performers and crew in our community, will we be able to resume production. We are working to these goals as quickly as possible. We’re all in this together.   Signed, Adult Film Producers and Buyers   Axel Braun, OwnerABP-Axel Braun Productions Ryan Hogan, Product DirectorMindgeek Lance Hart, Producer / DirectorPervOUT Alison Boden, CEOKink.com Steve Matthyssen, OwnerVixen Media Group Shine Louise Houston , CEOJiz Lee, Marketing DirectorPink and White Productions Inc. Steve Legos, Chief Marketing OfficerBang.com Bree Mills, Chief Creative OfficerPatrick Alonso, Content DirectorAdult Time (Gamma) Jack Avalanche, CEOCherryPimps

written by: Peter Warren

source: FSC: Industry Heads Co-Sign 3-Point Pledge on Resuming Production | AVN

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