FSC: Date for Guidelines on Resuming Production Coming Next Week

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Friday announced that a “definitive date” for the release its guidelines on resuming production, as well as the implementation of changes to its PASS system in order to incorporate COVID-19 test information for all on-set talent and crew, is expected by “early next week.” The full announcement follows: Since late April, the FSC COVID-19 Task Force has met twice a week—as well as spoken with advisory groups of producers, performers, and medical experts—to discuss benchmarks for lifting the production hold and developing the guidance needed to safely resume production. This week, we spoke to over one hundred of you to preview the Preliminary Health and Safety Guidelines for Film Production created for the adult industry by the environmental health and safety firm we contracted. Your feedback has been invaluable and we are working with the industrial hygienist to make changes to the guidelines to address the areas of concern you raised and to clarify the specific guidelines that might cause confusion. While we’re not yet able to release the guidelines, we do not expect this to be a long delay. When the guidelines are finally published, we expect them to better meet your needs. This also means we will be able to release the changes to the FSC PASS system at the same time as the guidelines. The modifications we are making to PASS enable the system to include all on-set personnel and to display COVID-19 test information along with the existing clearance to work associated with the PASS STI panel. We know the delay is frustrating and that everyone wants to get back to work when it is safe. Finalizing the guidelines and ensuring that PASS is ready to go is our top priority, but we won’t compromise safety for expediency. We expect to have a definitive date for the release of the guidelines and the changes to PASS by early next week.  

written by: Peter Warren

source: FSC: Date for Guidelines on Resuming Production Coming Next Week | AVN

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