Empowerment Fund Created to Help Sex Workers Needing Assistance

LAS VEGAS—The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many in the adult community, requiring them to shelter in place at home, and though many communities are beginning to open back up, there are still several necessary safeguards in place to prevent the virus from spreading further. Many have been able to work from home during the crisis, while others have been able to return to work by simply wearing masks and putting social distancing measures in place—but this isn’t the case for the clients served by The Cupcake Girls. Many individuals in the sex industry have found themselves without work and unable to qualify for unemployment. They have been left out of government assistance and are struggling to take care of not only themselves, but their families. That’s why Amberly Rothfield, Eliza Allure and Sofia Rose, allies of the @CupcakeGirlsOrg, have developed an Empowerment Fund to assist sex workers who may be struggling financially due to COVID-19. In addition to the thousands of resources and referrals offered within the last year, The Cupcake Girls have provided over $87,000 in financial support for their clients, between cash grants and bill negotiation alone. And the need continues to grow. The funds raised through the Empowerment Fund will go towards a myriad of support, including but not limited to rent assistance, healthcare, groceries and legal aid. The organization and its volunteers want to make sure sex workers have the resources they need to thrive in today’s new normal post-pandemic. Those interested may make a donation here.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Empowerment Fund Created to Help Sex Workers Needing Assistance | AVN

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