Czech Republic Police Raid CzechCasting Offices, Arrest 10

PRAGUE—Ten people were arrested on Monday as the nation’s largest adult producer was raided by Czech Republic police. The bust at CzechCasting’s offices and 13 other locations was conducted by 50 officers from the government’s National Central Office Against Organized Crime (NCOZ) under the code name “LENS.”    The 10 held, according to police, posed as modeling agents but manipulated women into shooting adult scenes that were posted online. Human trafficking, sexual coercion and rape charges were later filed against CzechCasting owner Martin Stiborek and the others. Stiborek operates numerous other adult sites and brands, including affiliate program CzechCash, under the Netlook s.r.o. label. If found guilty, Stiborek and others face 12 years in prison, police said. The women involved in productions were paid between 1,000 to 5,000 Czech Crowns for scenes, police said.    “The financial profit of the members of the group of people was to depend on the erotic scenes that the girls managed to get or force,” Czech police said in a release. “The persons were to have precisely divided roles and an agreed division of activities. “These included transporting women to the casting site, concluding written contracts for the performance of artistic performance, verifying the age of majority of applicants, conducting personal interviews, removing any barriers, persuading, persuading and forcing women to engage in various sexual practices, often involving themselves. “Many have experienced psychological and health problems requiring medical attention, including longer treatment.” According to a report, the attorney for Stiborek said that performers shooting scenes were never bamboozled. “They did everything voluntarily, no one manipulated them,” attorney David Bascheri said. “They changed their minds [about doing the scenes] and turned to the police.” He noted that CzechCasting has shot more than 1,600 scenes in its seven years.

written by: Rhett Pardon

source: Czech Republic Police Raid CzechCasting Offices, Arrest 10 | AVN