APAG to Launch ‘On Set Steward Program’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Adult talent union the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) announced plans Tuesday to institute a new “On Set Steward Program” that will provide third party performer advocates on adult movie sets in order to mitigate endangerment to performers’ safety in the workplace. APAG’s full announcement follows: “Over the weekend, we have seen many brave performers speak out about their experiences on film sets. We have witnessed performers stand together with courage as they tell their stories of abuse. As performers ourselves, the Board of the Adult Performers Actors Guild offers our strength and support to those who have been wronged.   “As a union, we spend our time stepping in to help with performers’ grievances on set. We created the first industry-wide Performer Consent List, available for download on our website. We have supplied legal support and assistance in pursuing justice for our workers, with most cases ending in a resolution in favor of the performer. While we are thankful we can achieve this, we would prefer to have industry protocols in place, which would prevent such negative issues from occurring. “In an effort to secure performers’ safety on set, the Adult Performers Actors Guild is announcing our On Set Steward Program. The OSS Program will offer trained stewards to be placed on adult sets as an advocate for the performers. All stewards will have to complete an extensive ‘performer safety training program,’  must have previous experience on adult film sets, and will undergo background checks to ensure that our performers are in the best hands possible. Besides first aid training, and CPR certification, we will require all stewards to be QPR certified. QPR, meaning: Question, Persuade, and Refer. QPR is an emergency mental health intervention training designed to help identify when a person may be in crisis. “While the industry is on pause, due to the current status of COVID-19, the union will take this time to shape and finalize our steward program. Once the On Set Steward Program is fully launched, stewards will eventually be available in California, Nevada, Florida and New York. We will be encouraging retired performers to apply, as well as current performers looking to get involved. We are already negotiating with companies to include our future stewards on their sets, and we are hopeful that all major studios will get on board. As they do, APAG will announce the companies that actively support the program.”   For more information about APAG, visit www.APAGUnion.com.

written by: Peter Warren

source: APAG to Launch ‘On Set Steward Program’ | AVN