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Adult Talent List has the features you need create a great impression and get noticed. Get booked today!

Online Resumes

Create customized resumes for different positions. Easily apply to several jobs using your resume.


Upload as many images as you like to your online portfolio. Arrange images into albums.

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Set up job alerts and be notified when new jobs are posted.

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Collect followers and keep them updated on your current status.

Agent or Independent

Some companies work with agents to hire performers, but not all do. If you look at the talent roster of the top industry agencies, you might notice a lack of diversity — for performers who don’t fit the mold, being an independent performer is often the only choice. What makes you different can be your biggest asset. Adult Talent List can help you to secure work, whether it’s a niche genre or getting a rare booking with a large entertainment company.

Building a strong brand that gets noticed and if you’re successful, you’ll carve out a unique spot in the industry. Hire photographers or videographers to get a portfolio going, or if you’re strapped for cash, collaborate with trade shoots to acquire head shots, body shots, and photo sets, and even videos.

Get an Agent

Many agents use Adult Talent List to source new talent and find gigs for their clients.

 If you decide to go with an agent, be sure to research their reputation thoroughly. That’s why Adult Talent List has a verification and review system in place.

You’ll be able to see what performers are saying about the agency and its agents.

But remember, you’re the boss. A talent agent works for you; the talent.

Go Independent

A lot of performers decide to go independent and find their own work. Adult Talent List makes it easy for you to find jobs in Adult Entertainment and apply for work. 

If you decide to be an independent performer, establishing a professional reputation is very important. Being someone who is reliable and pleasant to work with, is of the utmost importance.

You do not have a vetted agent to speak positively on your behalf or securing jobs with producers or directors that have never met you before.

However, without an agent, you’re free to book with any director/producer who will take a chance on you, and if you leave a good impression, they can recommend you to other directors/producers. Adult Talent List offers a verification system and user reviews to help you build a good reputation and impress producers/directors.

Being professional, punctual, reliable, pleasant, and once again, professional are the tenets that keep independent performers consistently working.

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