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By far, one of the easiest ways to find adult talent and new employees is by placing a job listing on Adult Talent List. Placing a job listing on Adult Talent List is a fairly easy process, although it may seem a little daunting at times. Fortunately we’ve made it easy to edit your job listings so you can make tweaks whenever you want. To be sure you are getting the best results from your job listing follow the tips below.

Tip #1 – Choose the right category and job type

Be sure that you are placing your job listing into the right category. You get to pick the category where you want your ad to appear, based on what type of job you are offering. In some cases, your job offer may fit more than one category. For instance, if you have a website that features a reality program with some hardcore content, it could make sense to list your ad in the Actors/Actresses (hardcore) category or the Internet Models category or the Reality Performers category. The good news is that you can select multiple categories to place your listings in and change them when you feel the need.  Start off with whatever category you think is the best fit. You can always move your ad into another category to see if you get a better response. You can make as many updates to your ad as you want, but we suggest you wait at least a week before making changes to allow time to evaluate ad performance.  

Tip #2 – Use a killer title

This is the most important part of your job posting when you’re posting to boards. When you write your title, include the name of the position and the top one to three things that will make the job attractive to an applicant.

Tip #3 – Don’t skimp on the details

The job details will determine what kind of job seeker will respond to your listing. Be sure to fill out as much as possible including the location, gender needed, salary, and job description. The more details you include, the easier it will be for you to sift through candidates. Otherwise you will be wasting your time with applicants who are not the desired gender or are outside your hiring location.

Tip #4 – Really sell the job

When writing the text for your job, describe the exact specifics about the opportunity being offered. Rather than the typical laundry list of bullet points, only include requirements that are essential to this job. Try to limit yourself to one to three things. Then provide information on work hours, pay, interesting coworkers, benefits or perks, and anything else applicants will find interesting.

Don’t be repetitive or provide a lot of extraneous information, and definitely don’t include typos or misspelled words, as that can be a major turn-off. Also, if you have a link you want to include with your ad, remember to list it in the website field, not in the text area of your ad. Please do not put any email addresses or HTML code in the text area, as this is a violation of our Terms and Conditions. Likewise, it is very important that you refrain from describing any illegal activity or using any rude, hateful or obscene language. Otherwise, our editors will have to remove your ad.

Tip #5 – Tell your story

Include information about your company that applicants may want to know. Such as, how many years you’ve been in business, interesting clients or projects, equipment that applicants will be excited about, awards, accolades, and work culture facts that might interest them.

This is about showing jobseekers that you are legit. Some jobseekers are uncomfortable applying to a position with an employer that doesn’t share any information about themselves.

Tip #6 – Be professional

Be professional and courteous. Avoid using abbreviations and “text speak”. The adult industry is still a business and you should conduct yourself like one. You’ll want to have a proper business name, a logo, and a website. Including your logo and website link creates trust with jobseekers and helps your listing stand out.

If you need help with branding for your business, try seeking out graphic designers in the member directory.

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