Three Ways You Can Use Lists on OnlyFans


1) Choose who you can send your messages to

One of the most useful functions of lists on OnlyFans is using them to tailor your direct messages. OnlyFans has a lot of options when it comes to messaging. You can send messages to all of your fans at once, or speak to one fan individually. If you want a midpoint between these two, that’s where lists come in.

When sending a message to your fans, you can choose to send it only to subscribers in a particular list. This can be really useful for creators who post more than one kind of content. For example, say you’re a model and a personal trainer. Chances are, some of your fans are going to be there primarily for the modelling content and others primarily for the fitness content. Once you’ve identified who likes what, you could make two lists entitled ‘Fitness Fans’ and ‘Modelling Fans.’  Then, when you have some really great modelling content, you can send it as a pay-per-view message to your modelling die-hards without filling up the inboxes of fitness fans who might not be interested.

Some creators also make a VIP list of superfans who have tipped big, or who consistently interact on posts. To reward and maintain this loyalty you could send content to your VIP list that your regular subscribers don’t get to see.

2) Promote your friends

The world is a kinder place when people collaborate for mutual benefit and pay it forward. On OnlyFans, you can display your friends list as a column on your profile page. This means that your followers will be able to see your friends and maybe want to check out their profiles too. This can be a great way for creators to find new fans and fans to find new creators they might be interested in.

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