OnlyFans Gamers Thriving in 2020


Shanna Zwart, who streams under the username ShannaNina is a full-time streamer who enjoys playing League of Legends, CS:GO, Civilisation and a whole host of indie games. Shanna’s story behind her streaming career is one of love and inspiration, described in a TED Talk she gave in 2016. Her late father who sadly passed away was the source of much of this love and passion for games. She describes her first interaction with video games as coming home from horse riding to play video games for hours on end with her father, taking turns at who could control the mouse.

As her only source of income, Shanna began to feel burnt out after years of streaming, having to pay constant attention to statistics and performance in order to pay her bills. This took the fun out of connecting with her community and so she took some much deserved time off to reinvigorate her passion. Shanna wanted a way to better connect with her community, whilst not feeling pressured and being able to support her streaming income so that she could go back to enjoying the streaming process, and most importantly playing the games she loves. It was through this that she discovered OnlyFans through one of her friends, it offered exactly what she needed, the opportunity for greater financial independence from her streaming, as well as a unique way to interact with her fans.

I found OnlyFans through a friend of mine, I decided to make an account to help me with financial responsibilities while interacting with my community in a different way. I am so happy to connect with people that have been supporting me one way or another for six and a half years. It takes a lot of pressure off my streaming income too, so I’m having more fun again on Twitch as well. Overall it’s been wonderful for my mental health and self image, I have a lot of fun creating content on OnlyFans and I don’t regret a thing!

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