June 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Stephen Voyce

Stephen Voyce is a Nigerian-Canadian singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and philanthropist. Oh, and he’s pursuing a tech career on the side too! Stephen uses his OnlyFans account to share unreleased music to his most loyal fans.

As as a musician, there are a lot of songs I create that never get to see the light of day, either for business or creative reasons. It always frustrated me knowing that some of my music would forever stay dormant on my hard drives, never being heard by anyone but mostly me. So I decided to give those songs a second life, on OnlyFans. I get to release those songs on the platform for the fans that really want to be that much closer to my music journey. It also allows me to further remain autonomous in my career, and as a creator that prides himself on staying genuine, that means everything.

Watch this video to get to know Stephen a little more:


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