Yesterday's mistakes will be paid in the future
Yesterday’s Mistakes Will Be Paid In The Future

Sell more adult content by avoiding these mistakes.

Many people choose to create adult content as a hobby, or because they have an interest in the adult industry. These people approach their adult content creation with the same passion they give to any other artistic endeavor. However, not everyone is successful in this endeavor. Following are five common mistakes made by amateur adult content creators.

1. Bad grammar

Bad grammar and misspelled words are likely to slow your reader down and make them lose interest. This could lead to a loss in sales. Content summaries and products descriptions are key to ranking higher in search engines. A low readability score could hurt your ranking and send you to the bottom of the list.

2. Wording that’s not clear enough

Using clear and concise wording will allow your content to appear in relevant search results. Put some serious though into your titles, headlines, and descriptions. Make sure your wording is clear and to the point, if you can be funny or clever and still remain clear, that’s great too. Try to avoid excessive language and write in a natural conversational tone.

3. Using too many tags

Tags are keywords used to describe actions, positions, settings, objects, and attributes of photos or videos. Tags can help drive search results, but could potentially have a negative effect if you use to many. This practice is called keyword stuffing and it can negatively effect the ranking of your content, plus it’s unsightly and gives a poor user experience. Try to limit your tags to the most relevant keywords.

4. Using the wrong images

A well-chosen thumbnail will greatly impact the number of views and sales of your content by making it more appealing to users. Images should correspond with to the title of your content and visually represent the story of your videos, image galleries, or posts. Be sure the image is clear, in focus, colorful, bright and well composed. You want the image to stand out and grape the user’s attention.

5. Not knowing what your niche is and how to relate to your audience

Do you know what your niche is? Are you teen, MILF, Big Tits, etc.? Take the time to find a niche that appeals to you. Think about your passions and skills. If there’s something you love to do in your free time, such as yoga or dancing, then maybe could be your niche. Finding an area you’re both knowledgeable about and that you love is the best place to start. You’re audience will feel more connected to you when they think you are authentic and enjoy what you are doing.

Identify your niche and stay focused. How does your niche appeal to your audience? What is the competition like? Is it on brand? If your good at sensual girlfriend style videos, then it might be difficult to retain your audience by dropping videos with cruel humiliation.

By following these tips and avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll see significant increase in views, ratings, click rates and most importantly sales.

Takeaway: Don’t make these mistakes when you’re trying to sell adult products and services.

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