Creating a Successful Profile on Adult Talent List

Creating a great profile that stands out isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially, one that could potentially lead to burgeoning career in the adult industry.


Creating a Successful Profile on Adult Talent List

Tips for creating a great profile on Adult Talent List

Creating a great profile that stands out isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially, one that could potentially lead to burgeoning career in the adult industry. So I’ve put together some tips for you to use to increase the visibility of your Adult Talent List profile.

But why is it important to have a great profile? Having a profile on Adult Talent List helps you manage your brand, create opportunities for you, and build your network. Your profile is a great way for you to let people know who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re interested in.

Add a great looking profile photo

The center piece of any great profile is a photo that can capture someone’s attention. A good profile photo can make the a world of difference in how many visitors click on your profile. It is best to use a headshot or a full body picture. If you don’t want to show your face, then use a full body or a three-quarter length shot and blur out out your face. Avoid close-ups of body parts, and Instagram filters that make you look like a cartoon. These types of pictures might be fun for your portfolio or share with friends, but you don’t want them to be someone’s first impression of you. So skip the dick pic in your profile. You want to come across as a professional. If your profile is for a company, then use your logo.

Fairy lady
fairy lady

Fill out the About section.

By far the next most important section of your profile is the About section. But this is probably the hardest section to fill out which is why a lot people skip it. DON’T SKIP IT! Seriously, this is your chance to let the visitor get to know you. Introduce yourself. What kind of work are you interested in? Are you new to the industry? A seasoned pro? What turns you on? What are your goals?

Here’s a little template to get you started.

Hi my name is [name]! I’m new to the industry and can’t wait to get started. I’m passionate about [passion 1] and [passion 2]. They have [examples of how you have put these passions to work].

I’ve been interested in the adult industry since I was [age]. My career goals are to [goal 1], [goal 2] and [goal 3].

You can also add things like your turn-ons, sex limits, fantasies, or even three words that describe your personality. The more you write about yourself the better. It’s okay to brag a little.

Upload a Portfolio.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, then you need to start showing off your work. You can do this by uploading your portfolio. This is a collection of all of your best work that you can use to showcase your creativity, skill, and talent. People will have a better idea of what you’re capable of if they see you’ve already managed to produce a few quality pieces of work.

If you don’t have professional portfolio then hire a photographer to shoot one for you. Some photographers will even shoot one for free otherwise known as TFP ( Time for Photos/Trade for Print etc.). TFP is when a photographer and a model collaborate on a photography project and everyone works for free. But they all receive the photos for their portfolios. Although no money is exchanged during a TFP shoot and TFP photography is intended to be used for portfolios only, it’s still a good idea to put together a TFP agreement and model releases.

Fill out as much of the profile as possible.

Each field of your profile carries with a certain percentage. You have to reach a 75% in order to be listed in the Member Directory. Check the profile completeness bar on your profile to see where you are at. Most fields are filled when you sign up for an account. But by filling out you profile completely, you make easier for users to find you.

In the member directory we have filters that allows users to filter our members to specifics that they are looking for. They might be looking for female models who do fetish shoots. But guess what? If you didn’t fill in the model type field, then guess who’s not going to be listed. So fill out all the fields as best you can.

We’ve reserved special sections just for this. You can link to your website, Twitter, and Instagram. This will allow potential employers or others interested in working with you to learn more about your work and about you.

Ask for reviews.

A good review can go a long way. Reviews help add credibility. They show what you are like to work with and can give employers and candidates piece of mind when deciding to work with you. Reach out to past associates and collaborators on Adult Talent List and ask them write a review for you. Reviews are shown on the Reviews tab of your profile page.

Add a cover image.

Adult Talent List sets every profile up with a default cover image picture. As much as we try to make it appealing, it isn’t personalized. It may not fit the look and tone of your profile. If you have gothic look to you and you’re interested in bondage porn. Then you might want to change it up. You can add a montage of pictures or your logo across a St. Andrews Cross. Basically whatever you want. It’s you opportunity to really make your profile fit into your brand. It should be an extension of profile photo and your brand image.

Have a good name.

At the top of your profile is the name field a.k.a. Display Name/Nickname. This is what you want people to know you as. I recommend that you pick something memorable. This should be a stage name or the name of your company. As much fun as hairydickballs431 is, no one is typing that in a search engine and definitely not in the members directory here on Adult Talent List. You want simple names like, “Penelope Patrick” or “Commando Jones”. You want to make it easily identifiable and unique.

By following the above suggestions, you’ll increase the number of visitors to your profile. Increase your followers, your views, and your message rates. You’ll be surprised how well these tips work. Don’t believe me? Watch the number of visitors you to your profile after you implement these suggestions.

It’s good to be on the list!