Contacting an Adult Model or Porn Star with a Job Offer

Many people have a problem in contacting those they would like to work with in the future especially in regard to modelling. When contacting a model or actor with a job offer, be brief but informative in your message. Make sure to not go into too much detail or else they will lose interest. Make sure to keep it professional. You should make it clear exactly what type of job you are requesting the model or actor to participate in.


7 Tips for Contacting an Adult Model or Porn Star with a Job Offer

So you’ve been browsing through the resumes and talent profiles on Adult Talent List, and you’ve pinpointed a few performers and models that you would like to work with. Now what? You click on the message button to make first contact, the messenger pops up and you lay your hands to the keyboard, but are dumbstruck by what to type. In this article we’ll give you some pointers to help make sure that first message won’t go unread and you will get a response.

Be Brief But Informative in Your Message

Being brief but informative is key. When contacting potential talent, it’s best to be concise and to the point with your initial email. You’ll likely have to do more follow-up exchanges with prospects, so save the finer details for later. Avoid being repetitive or providing a lot of extraneous information. Try sticking to, “What, When, Where, and How much.” And make sure to avoid typos or misspelled words, as that can turn people off.

Be Professional and Polite when Contacting an Adult Model

People want to be treated respectfully and thoughtfully. Employers, don’t forget that you’re competing for talent listed on this site. To stand out from the crowd, a kind and thoughtful message that demonstrates this basic reality will go a long way. It will also show that you run a professional business.

Make a Clear and Specific Job Offer

This is the easiest way to get a candidate’s attention. The biggest mistake you can make as an employer is sending a vague message that doesn’t contain a clear job offer. The person will either ignore or delete your email since it doesn’t address why they are on the site in the first place. Candidates want work. Make sure to describe the type of work you’re offering in your first email, and you’ll have a much higher response rate.

Keep Track of Who You’ve Already Messaged

Don’t hound your potential candidate. We recommend you wait at least 2-4 weeks before messaging or emailing that person again. Fortunately, our system makes it easy to keep track of the people you’ve already contacted. When you visit your messages history you’ll see whom you’ve already reached out to and you will be able to see the last date you sent a message to this person.

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