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Contacting an Adult Model or Porn Star with a Job Offer

Many people have a problem in contacting those they would like to work with in the future especially in regard to modelling. When contacting a model or actor with a job offer, be brief but informative in your message. Make sure to not go into too much detail or else they will lose interest. Make sure to keep it professional. You should make it clear exactly what type of job you are requesting the model or actor to participate in.

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Guides and Tips
Becoming an Adult Model

Over the previous few years, adult modeling has grown to be an extremely popular alternative for women – 18 and older – aspiring to enter

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Guides and Tips
Creating a Successful Profile on Adult Talent List

Creating a great profile that stands out isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially, one that could potentially lead to burgeoning career in the adult industry.

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Guides and Tips
Pre-booking Questions for Adult Film Shoots.

Know the right questions to ask before booking your next shoot. As a porn performer and independent contractor in the adult entertainment industry, it is

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